‘I Think it’s Great. … It’s Good’: Trump Says He Has ‘No Problem’ With Buttigieg Campaigning With ‘Husband’

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    In an interview that will be aired nationwide on Fox News this Sunday, President Donald Trump agreed without hesitation and affirmed that “it’s great” that Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttgieg is campaigning for office with his “husband” — a sign that such relationships can now be seen as “normal” and “progress” in the country.

    “Putting aside policy disagreements, don’t you think that it’s just great to see the guy there on the stage with his husband, and it’s normal?” Steve Hilton, host of “The Next Revolution,” asked.

    “I think it’s absolutely fine. I do,” Trump replied. “I think it’s absolutely fine.”

    “Isn’t it a sign of great progress in the country?” Hilton inquired.

    “Yeah, I think it’s great,” Trump answered unflinchingly. “I think that’s something that perhaps some people will have a problem with,  [but] I have no problem with it whatsoever. I think it’s good.”

    As previously reported, Trump has spoken positively of those in same-sex relationships on a number of occasions, stating while running for office in 2016, “So you tell me, who’s better for the gay community, and who’s better for women than Donald Trump? Believe me!”

    During his RNC acceptance speech, he stated that “[a]s president, I will do everything in my power to protect LGBTQ citizens from the violence and oppression of a hateful foreign ideology.”

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