IBM ‘woke up the A.I. world,’ CEO Ginni Rometty says

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    CNBC — The conversation in the technology community about artificial intelligence was first rekindled by manufacturing giant IBM and its AI platform, Watson, CEO Ginni Rometty said on Tuesday.

    “We are the ones that woke up the AI world here again,” Rometty told “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer in a wide-ranging interview about Washington, Warren Buffett and her business.

    Rometty said that the key to her century-old company remaining an institution in this country is how many times it has been able to reinvent itself and follow the latest trends in tech.

    Today, those trends are the cloud and artificial intelligence, which IBM employees refer to as “cognitive” programming.

    “There’s a reason we call it cognitive,” Rometty told Cramer. “It’s about augmenting what you and I do so we can do what we’re supposed to, our best. And then that’s the IBM that takes that technology and the know-how about how the world works and puts that together and actually changes business. We are the champion for business.”

    Rometty also stressed the distinction between AI that consumers see and use and IBM’s AI area of expertise, business-oriented AI programs.

    The remainder of this article is available in its entirety at CNBC

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