Idaho Couple Sues Planned Parenthood Over Birth of Their Son After Drug-Induced Abortion Fails

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    BOISE, Idaho — A couple from Idaho has filed suit against two Planned Parenthood locations after their son, who is now two years old, was born after a drug-induced abortion failed. The two are now seeking $765,000 in compensation, as well as damages due to alleged breach of contract, unfair trade practices, and emotional distress.

    According to reports, Bianca Coons and Cristobal Ruiz traveled to New Mexico to have the abortion in order to avoid having to follow the waiting period law in their home state. Coons was six weeks pregnant at the time, and says that she was “destitute” and trying to “limit the size of their family” as she has two other children.

    The Albuquerque Journal reports that Coons took the first of two pills used to end the child’s life while at the Albuquerque location, and was instructed to take the second later to complete the abortion.

    She and Ruiz then returned back to Idaho, where she ended up going to the emergency room for severe nausea. She discovered during her visit that her child was still alive. A doctor at the hospital called Planned Parenthood, which again advised to take the second pill.

    However, the child still survived. Planned Parenthood advised Coons that they would provide the abortion pills again for free if she would return to New Mexico, or she could visit her local Planned Parenthood in Idaho, but would have to pay since it is a separate locale.

    Coons’ pregnancy

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