If Donald Trump Is Impeached, All Hell Will Break Loose in America, a Frightening Explosion of Righteous Anger

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    It was Reported by the Alternative-Conservative Journalist That There Are No Impeachment Inquiries and That It Was All Fabricated by the Left,That’s Not True and to Report That as News Is a Disservice to the American People, Alex Jones, and Others….

    HNewsWire regrettably ran with some of these fabricated stories, we sincerely apologize for misleading the American people, SRH.

    As We Came to See the Reality of What the Democrats and some Are Trying to Get Done, (Impeach Pres.Trump) We Understood That Even Before This Is an Offense Against People, It Is An Offense Against God. Anger is too often opposed to self-control. When we are angry we lose control of words, of tone, of facial expressions, and even of fists. But righteous anger expresses itself in a controlled way. It does not rant and rage, it does not swear and curse, it does not mock and sulk, it does not sink to self-pity and despair, it does not blow off people and storm away from them. Righteous anger is a controlled anger that moves toward good and specific ends. “Godly strains of mourning, comfort, joy, praise, and action balance it.”

    Most Americans don’t realize it yet, but in just a few weeks we will witness one of the most critical moments in American history. 

    Right now the Democrats in the House of Representatives are drafting articles of impeachment, and it is expected that there will be a vote by the end of this year.  If President Trump is impeached

    The remainder of this article is available in its entirety at HNewsWire

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