Illegal alien charged with killing Vietnam vet day before Veterans Day

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    Samuel Jackson didn’t march in the Veterans Day parade this year. That’s because the 69-year-old Marine veteran, who had served in the Vietnam War, was killed the day before by 31-year-old Nemias Perez Severiano, a Mexican national who was in the country illegally.

    According to CBS 3 in Philadelphia, court records Severiano had spent five hours at a local bar during which time “he consumed seven to eight Modelo beers.”

    He informed the detectives that when he left the bar, he was ‘a little drunk.’ Severiano stated he made a stop at Oak and Astor Street and after I turned onto Astor Street, I heard a noise.”

    The noise was evidently the sound of his vehicle striking Jackson, who had just exited his own car in front of his home. Severiano paid no attention to the noise and drove off, effectively leaving Jackson on the pavement to die.

    Severiano has been “charged with accidents involving death as well as counts relating to allegations that he did not even have a license.”

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    Breitbart adds:

    Severiano is currently being held on a $200,000 bond in Montgomery County. The Immigration and

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