Iran Reportedly Attacked Saudi Arabia – According to This Idiot Democrat, the U.S. is Completely at Fault

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    (True Conservative Pundit) I would have to say that this latest statement by Democrat (I won’t say thought as that gives way to much credit to Kaine) Sen. Tim Kaine takes the cake, but foolish and outright stupid statements are seemingly an everyday occurrence in the Party of Fools.

    This is after all the Party that is headed (for all intents and purposes) by the now infamous – “The Squad,” of whom one member recently said that: America needs a revolution, but I digress.

    “‘We are provoking Iran every day with the sanctions and with military action, and they’re responding,’ Kaine said. ‘We need to stop the provocation, and the United States needs to return to trying to be a diplomatic broker.’”  (Source)

    Allow me to translate: The United States needs to back down, apologize, and then Trump needs to offer huge amounts of cash and a new deal to Iran.  In other words, the U.S. needs to return to being a boot-licker like Obama was.  This way, Iran can resume screwing us, the U.S. looks weak in the eyes of the international community (like we did under Obama), and the Democrats can throw a party celebrating their success.


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