Is this the Joe Biden Democrats hope will face Donald Trump in 2020?

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    Who could believe Joe Biden’s strange conduct during the Biden-Ryan debate for Vice-President in 2012? Chris Wallace said that he was shocked by how “openly contemptuous” Biden appeared to act towards Ryan and that he thought Biden’s behavior lacked historical precedent. Here’s just a few excerpts from my coverage at The Tunnel Wall back on Friday, October 12, 2012.
    Biden accused of being disrespectful in vice presidential debate with grins, laughs
    . . . ” ‘Our vice president has shown he is an abusive political bully who belittles, mocks, ridicules and laughs at his opponent, the moderator, the viewers and anyone who questions this administration’s lack of leadership,” Martin said. “Solutions require respect. These skills the vice president, and this administration, clearly lack.”
    “Democratic strategist Joe Trippi, a Fox News contributor, said he thought Biden delivered a strong performance overall, but it was “diminished” by the “smirking.”

    “I don’t know about the likeability of that smirking … I found it condescending and overdone,” Trippi said.” . . .

    Chris Wallace Shocked By Biden’s ‘Disrespectful,’ ‘Openly Contemptuous’ Debate Treatment Of Ryan
    . . . “You could talk about the smirks, the smiles, the head shaking, the mugging — it was openly contemptuous and disrespectful,” Wallace said.

    The remainder of this article is available in its entirety at Conservative Firing Line

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