Islam and the death of all civilizations from history to present! This Dr. tells all!

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    What we face is something dark and grim, what we have yet to see is the fall of our society. The reason we will see the fall of our civilization, its very simple. It’s Islam, the truth and real nature can be found in this video below about the intended nature of Islam, and the future of our world if we sit idly by and do nothing. This force of people will kill all, rape all, and say it is the religion on peace when they slaughter left and right every good thing about our world. If this world wern’t so screwed up, I think a lot of people would be calling for yet another crusade. See we are also lied to about the crusades, we are told that they are bad, when really they helped stop the wrecking force of Islam. The violence won’t stop on its own, it won’t stop because we won’t stop it. Time to take a stand for faith, time to take a stand for Jesus!


    Christianity this day and age is filled with weak-need, no backbone pansies that won’t do anything about it. That is not the true nature of Christianity, see there is a reason they have to dumb down, and water down Christianity. The reason is also simple, we are the other force that can combat this kind of evil and purge it from our world. However this time around because of the watering down no one will listen… Not even to Jesus. The word is written in your heart and in your mind. God gave us strength and will, He gave us the very breathe of life, and we let it be stomped on by such evil. God have mercy on us for not following His words! The sick part is, talking like this makes me a radical, however is defending ones own faith and life and means of living radical? Absolutely not, STOP BEING SO WEAK! Time to rise Christians! The call to faith is now the call to take a stand is now! Or forever parish.

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    The time is soon upon us Nate….I will Pour Out My Spirit, was a promise made in Joel 2:28. 28″It will come about after this… Read more »

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