J.D. Greear Talks about Sex Abuse, Racial Division in the SBC in Exclusive Interview

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    J.D. Greear Talks about Sex Abuse, Racial Division in the SBC in Exclusive Interview

    Although every major numerical indicator of success for the Southern Baptist Convention is trending downward, you would never know it from the tone in J.D. Greear’s voice. From the moment the exclusive interview with Christian Headlines started, J.D. Greear, who is the youngest ever Southern Baptist Convention president, had a tone of excitement and encouragement for the denomination that has weathered a series of tough terrain during his first year as its head. It is something that Greear does not shy away from addressing.

    “It’s been challenging and difficult at times, but inspiring to see what God is doing within the 48,000 Southern Baptist Churches,” the SBC president told CH. During his first year as president, it was uncovered by the Houston Chronicle that a number of Southern Baptist churches and pastors had concealed sexual abuse issues.

    According to Greear, “We do not want to create a safe place within our churches for anyone who is not there for the right reasons.” There have been some within the denomination who have not agreed with Greear and the policies that he has developed in handling the sexual abuse cases. Greear, however, believes that he did the right thing, and a vast majority of Southern Baptists agree with him. “Handling this issue was a gospel issue for me,” Greear shared.

    One thing that many notice about the SBC president is that he

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