Kids Group Volunteers Banned from Library for Singing Christian Songs with Children

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    Kids Group Volunteers Banned from Library for Singing Christian Songs with Children

    A church-run kids group has been banished from a public library after being told that they were not allowed to sing songs that made reference to Biblical stories.

    The volunteers at Noah’s Ark playgroup says it had been meeting at the Burgess Hill Library in the British county of West Sussex for eight years – they had never encountered any issues until now.

    Despite the group serving the local community for free, library officials demanded that they move elsewhere after some parents complained that they were unhappy with the Christian message contained within the songs.

    According to the Mid Sussex Times, in a statement, a spokesperson from the West Sussex County Council said: “Rhyme time sessions are held every week in all West Sussex libraries and are open to everyone including families of any faith or no faith. In Burgess Hill, a partnership was formed with a local faith group some years ago before rhyme time sessions were offered across all libraries.”

    However, following “feedback from families,” the local authority had “decided to bring these sessions in line with the other rhyme times in our libraries which are led by staff.”

    “Families can continue to access faith-based activities in community venues and library staff are very happy to help anyone looking for details of where they can join these,” the council added.

    Many of the regular attendees were absolutely outraged at the

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