They Are Killing Small Business: The Number Of Self-Employed Americans Is Lower Than It Was In 1990

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    Economic Collapse Blog — After eight long, bitter years under Obama, will things go better for entrepreneurs and small businesses now that Donald Trump is in the White House? Once upon a time, America was the best place in the world for those that wanted to work for themselves. Our free market capitalist system created an environment in which entrepreneurs and small businesses greatly thrived, but today they are being absolutely eviscerated by the control freak bureaucrats that dominate our political system. Year after year, leftist politicians just keep piling on more rules, more regulations, more red tape and more taxes. As a result, the number of self-employed Americans is now lower than it was in 1990

    In April 1990, 8.7 million Americans were self-employed, but today only 8.4 million Americans are self-employed.

    Of course our population has grown much, much larger since that time. In 1990, there were 249 million people living in the United States, but today there are 321 million people living in this country.

    What this means is that the percentage of the population that is self-employed is way down.

    The remainder of this article is available in its entirety at Economic Collapse Blog

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