Lauren Daigle Fans Disappointed After Singer Wouldn’t Call Herself a ‘Christian Artist’ in Secular Interview

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    LOS ANGELES — Fans of CCM artist Lauren Daigle are again expressing disappointment after the popular singer would not forthrightly consider herself a Christian artist when asked about the characterization last week on a secular radio station, and did not mention Jesus, but only talked about herself throughout the interview.

    “[A]s far as your music, you’re known as more of a Christian artist,” noted Dave Styles of MYfm in Los Angeles, to which Daigle nodded. “But now, with all this mainstream, I mean, you’re here [on our station] … mainstream, hot AC.”

    “What do you call yourself? How do you name yourself?” he asked. “Do you call yourself still a Christian artist even in the mainstream, or what do call yourself?”

    “I feel like those labels get put on you by other people,” Daigle, most known for songs “You Say” and “How Can It Be”, replied.

    “I was reading an article … and one of them’s like Christian artist and another one is just artist. So, I think part of me is just ‘artist’ because it encompasses everything. That’s kind of how I see myself.”

    Styles asked Daigle about her thoughts now that her music has crossed over and is also being featured in the mainstream. She referred to the experience as a ride.

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