Leftists go ballistic as mom confronts ‘drag queen story hour’ in California

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    drag queen story hour, lgbt tyranny, transgenderism The Cellar Door Book store in Riverside, CA. Pro-LGBT activists soon started to surround Genevieve … … and they were not happy with her being there! But she stood up to them. One of the drag queens came up this close to Genevieve. But she wasn’t intimidated at all. The police really couldn’t have been nicer!

    December 6, 2018 (MassResistance) – The latest threat to young children from the LGBT movement is a horror show called “Drag Queen Story Hour.” And it is happening in libraries and bookstores across the country!


    VIDEO: A mother confronts the Drag Queen Story Hour

    “Drag Queen Story Hour” (DQSH) events are organized and promoted by national LGBT groups and the left-wing American Library Association. Homosexual men wearing garish women’s clothes and makeup read LGBT-themed stories to children as young as three years old!

    Most of the so-called drag queens are homosexuals, not “transgenders” (i.e., they don’t actually think they’re women). Clearly, their interest is pushing the entire spectrum of LGBT behavior on children.

    Most people are revolted by this but are afraid to do anything. But not our MassResistance

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