‘Let’s Be the Louder Voice’: GiveSendGo’s Pro-Life Campaign Counters GoFundMe’s Pro-Abortion Fundraiser

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    ‘Let’s Be the Louder Voice’: GiveSendGo’s Pro-Life Campaign Counters GoFundMe’s Pro-Abortion Fundraiser

    The crowdfunding website GoFundMe stirred controversy last month when it launched its own campaign to fund abortion rights organizations. Now, a Christian crowdfunding website – – is countering that message with its own fundraiser, but for pro-life causes.

    The “Life Back” campaign at seeks to raise at least $10,000 for National Right to Life and crisis pregnancy centers, although its founders hope the campaign soars far beyond that target.  

    “We cannot let GoFundMe be the louder voice. We cannot let GoFundMe make the biggest wave,” Heather Wilson, Chief Marketing Officer for GiveSendGo, told Christian Headlines. “… Let’s be the louder voice in this.”

    Launched in 2015, GiveSendGo calls itself the No. 1 free Christian crowdfunding site. It stays afloat off donations. 

    GoFundMe launched its “Fight Back” abortion rights campaign last month with a target of $500,000, although it stood at only $42,000 on Thursday. 

    The GoFundMe campaign’s webpage says, “access to abortion is under attack” and donations will be given to the National Network of Abortion Funds, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, American Civil Liberties Union, and the ACLU Foundation. The webpage references new abortion restrictions in Missouri, Georgia and Alabama and says, “We’re teaming up to fuel the fight against these bans – and make sure that every person who needs abortion care can actually get it, without delay.” The goal is to “protect abortion.” 

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