Liberals circulate fake photo of GOP Rep. Elise Stefanik giving the finger after Yovanovitch hearing

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    It seems that Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-NY, triggered leftists after Friday’s hearing with fired Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch.  As Twitchy reported, George Conway, husband of Kellyanne Conway, boasted about donating to her opponent and called her “trash.”  But that wasn’t enough.

    Now, Twitchy tells us, leftists are circulating a doctored photo of Stefanik, showing her giving the finger as Yovanovitch received a standing ovation from Democrats.
    giving America the finger. Classy.

    Sullen pout on #Stefanik‘s face. #NewYorkers, you can obviously do better.

    Vote @TedraCobb

    — ms_mims (@ms_mims) November 16, 2019

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    Only one problem — the photo is an obvious forgery.  But it seems leftists simply don’t give a damn.

    Stefanik, by the way, is the GOP House member who was silenced by Comrade Schiff during Yovanovitch’s hearing on Friday.

    The tweet above was removed, but was captured for posterity.

    It appears the photo was taken from CSPAN footage and altered, Twitchy said.

    One person noted how easily the forgery was spotted:

    Then explain why Stefanik’s finger has nail polish in that photo when she wasn’t wearing any yesterday @BrianJOMalley

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