Majority Of Small Business Owners Think Recession Is Coming THIS YEAR

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    In a new survey, a majority of small business owners think that another recession is coming, and soon. Over half of small business owners surveyed believe that the recession will happen in the next year.

    Likely using their business sense that made them successful and looking at the overall big picture (which is painted nicely over a big pile of excrement), small business owners are not all that optimistic about the coming year. The latest CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey is highlighting concerns of United States entrepreneurs. As the mainstream media continues to whitewash the precarious situation the national and global economy is in, many are slowing realizing just how disastrous the next crash or recession will be; and part of the apocalyptic future will be because the media refused to tell the blatant truth about how bad the debt crisis and everything bubble truly is.

    This was the first time in the two-year-plus history of the survey that small-business owners were asked for their recession forecast, but the broader survey trends over time indicate more caution on the part of entrepreneurs as multiple readings of small-business sentiment has declined, reported CNBC of their own survey.

    “While a slim majority of small-business owners see a recession ahead, there’s little sign that they think it’s imminent,” said Jon Cohen, chief research officer at SurveyMonkey. “The small-business index has tapered off from its peak in Q3 2018, but it certainly hasn’t hit a wall, and several of its core components remain strong,” Cohen said. And perhaps that’s part of the problem.  Even some of the elitists who wield power over others have come out with warnings that a recession is nearing and that they [your political overlords] won’t be able to stop it or even help you out.

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