Man Pens His Own Viral Obituary, Says Jesus 'Transformed His Life'

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    Man Pens His Own Viral Obituary, Says Jesus ‘Transformed His Life’

    An obituary about an Iowa man went viral this month, not only because of its whimsical-yet-serious style but also because it was authored by the deceased man himself.

    Ken Fuson, who worked as a journalist for several newspapers, died Jan. 3 of liver cirrhosis at the age of 63. He wrote his own obit before he passed away.

    The obituary is filled with facts about Fuson’s life, set in a self-deprecating and humorous tone. Mainstream websites across the U.S. wrote about it, as did the BBC in the United Kingdom.

    “He was diagnosed with liver disease at the beginning of 2019, which is pretty ironic given how little he drank. Eat your fruits and vegetables, kids,” the obit says. 

    Of his death, Fuson wrote that he “is stunned to learn that the world is somehow able to go on without him.” 

    On his education at the University of Missouri-Columbia, he joked: “He attended the university’s famous School of Journalism, which is a clever way of saying, ‘almost graduated but didn’t.’”

    Fuson wrote for the Columbia Daily Tribune, the Des Moines Register and the Baltimore Sun.

    He also won several writing awards. 

    “No, he didn’t win a Pulitzer Prize, but he’s dead now, so get off his back,” the obit reads.

    The obituary also discusses Fuson’s spiritual beliefs. He “suffered from a compulsive gambling addiction that nearly destroyed him,” the obit notes, “but his

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