Man Shows Simple Act of Kindness, Buys Servicemen Chick-fil-A in Honor of Late Brother with PTSD

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    Man Shows Simple Act of Kindness, Buys Servicemen Chick-fil-A in Honor of Late Brother with PTSD

    Jonathan Full didn’t hesitate before choosing to pay for the meals of 11 servicemen and women at a local Chick-fil-a in Durham, North Carolina, choosing to honor his late stepbrother who suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

    The man’s brother, Stephen Full, told the story on Facebook, sharing his pride in his brother’s kind gesture. Many on social media have responded to Jonathan’s generosity, and his desire to raise awareness of PTSD among veterans. 

    “[My] message to them was to reach out to their fellow servicemen and help anyone with PTSD because I just lost my brother to it,” Jonathan Full told Yahoo Lifestyle. “It was a way for me to express my gratitude for what they do and help me grieve for my brother, … And [I wanted to] give back to them for what burdens they will now carry for life to help us.”

    It was a normal day in March, when Jonathan, who works as an equipment technician, and his brother, Stephen Full, took their children to Chick-fil-A to give their wives time to shop, CBS News wrote. Two servicemembers entered the restaurant and went to order their meals. Jonathan “immediately got up and went to pay for their meal,” wrote Stephen on Facebook. “Little did he know, about 9 more walked in lol. He didn’t’ even bat an eye and asked everyone in line to allow the

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