Massachusetts Gun Seizure Based on the Word of a Waitress

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    A Massachusetts gun seizure raised serious questions about the state law on guns. An 84 year old retired Tisbury cop Stephen Nichols, a Korean War Army veteran, had his guns confiscated based on a part of a conversation he had with a friend at a local restaurant. It was a waitress who turned him in, causing his gun license to be revoked on top of the gun seizure.

    Screenshot photo of Chief Mark Saloio and Stephen Nichols via Turtle Boys Sports

    The Massachusetts gun seizure

    What did he say that got the waitress so worked up? She only heard PART of the conversation. Nichols is or was a crossing guard at the local school. He was criticising the SRO for leaving his post during school hours. Then he said that “someone could shoot up the school while he was gone.” The waitress didn’t listen to the tone of voice or any of the surrounding conversation clues. She called police and reported him as a threat to the school. Nichols was fired from a job he loved.

    The MV Times reported,

    Nichols said the waitress made a complaint to Tisbury Police about what she overheard and on the strength of that,

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