Media leftists weep, gnash teeth, fume over Mueller report preview

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    “The cable news folks, other than Fox, have been pretty glum this evening (Friday)” wrote LU’s J.E. Dyer in a post that spells out what that day’s announcement that Robert Mueller has forwarded his report to Attorney General William Barr portends. Pretty glum is accurate but doesn’t quite convey the full range of raw emotions the liberal media displayed.

    After two years of at-times intense salivating by the Left over visions of Donald Trump being frog-walked out of the White House in handcuffs, Mueller’s advice that no more more indictments will be forthcoming was a particularly bitter pill for MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, who barked:

    How can the president be pointed to as leading collusion with Russia, aiding a Russian conspiracy to interfere with our elections if none of his henchman, none of his children, none of his associates have been indicted?… If none of them were indicted, how can he be blamed?

    Matthews wasn’t alone in his outrage. NBC News reporter Ken Dilanian was on hand to console him and viewers by suggesting Mueller could still end up accusing the president of “impeachable offenses.”

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    Fellow network host Rachel Maddow exhibited another of the

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