Melissa Joan Hart Travels to Zambia to Bring Aid to, Pray with Local Villagers

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    Melissa Joan Hart Travels to Zambia to Bring Aid to, Pray with Local Villagers

    Actress Melissa Joan Hart recently traveled to Zambia, Africa as part of World Vision’s child sponsorship program.

    Hart visited the villages in Zambia along with her husband, Mark Wilkerson, and their oldest son, Mason. The family brought supplies to one of the villages in Zambia – a special village for the family as it is home to three sisters who are sponsored by the Hart family.

    The three girls are 13, 11 and six years old.

    “We brought them toys and necessities, socks and food,” Hart told Entertainment Tonight. She said that they also provided goats for the villagers, which made a “big change,” adding “they can then learn to farm and teach others and share the goats.”

    Hart later shared a photo on her Instagram of her family praying with villagers. She told ET that it was her favorite part of the trip.

    “My absolute favorite moment in Zambia this month was our first prayer with the families in Moyo AP. Sitting on a hillside with our new friends, feeling the hot breeze across my cheek with my eyes closed listening to the Tonga translation of the words the family prayed over everyone there,” the No Good Nick star wrote.

    “We would usually end the visit with a prayer Mark or I would say blessing the people with health, crops of plenty and strong livestock,” she said. “It was a magical time all

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