Misdemeanors and Gun Laws – An Unforeseen Issue

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    A State law in Nevada prohibits people who have misdemeanor domestic violence charges from owning a firearm. The State Supreme Court has ruled that because removing a right is a big deal, they must have the option to be tried by a jury. Only most misdemeanors were tried in municipal courts, not large courtrooms. The smaller courts have no place for juries.

    So the Las Vegas City council has created a new misdemeanor domestic violence law that doesn’t require giving up gun rights (which avoids the need for a jury trial).

    The Nevada Supreme Court is absolutely correct- if you’re going to take away someone’s rights, it’s a little more important than regular misdemeanors.

    The Las Vegas Review Journal reported,

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    In a 6-1 vote, the Las Vegas City Council approved the ordinance Wednesday in response to a recent state Supreme Court ruling that requires defendants in such cases to be afforded the option of a jury trial. Councilman Cedric Crear voted against the plan.

    The high court ruled a month ago that defendants were entitled to a trial after deeming the offense no

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