Missions Organization Defends John Chau’s Aim to Reach the Sentinelese With the Gospel

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    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A missions organization in Missouri is providing a defense in light of criticisms against American missionary John Chau, who was killed last month while seeking to reach an isolated tribal group on North Sentinel Island.

    Pam Arlund of All Nations told Christian Today that the organization was aware that Chau was planning on traveling to the island in the Bay of Bengal.

    “He came to us for our help and support nearly two years ago,” she explained. “It was his lifelong mission to reach the North Sentinelese people and share the love of God with them. We helped prepare and train him specifically in the areas of his long-term mission there.”

    Arlund stated that Chau had extensive training in other fields as well, and reports state that he was an experienced survivalist and wilderness guide, and was a certified scuba diver and EMT.

    “In addition to the training in language, culture, and sharing the gospel provided by All Nations, John had a wealth of other training,” she explained. “Before he came to All Nations, John had already completed a degree in health, exercise science, and sports medicine. He had also completed a wilderness survival certification and was an EMT.”

    Additionally, Chau “had completed a summer of linguistics training at Summer Institute of Linguistics’ (SIL) at The Canadian Institute of Linguistics. He had also studied missionary classics like LAMP (Language Acquisition Made Practical) by Elizabeth Brewster,” Arlund noted. “All of this training helped John

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