More Young Men Come Forward as Being Sexually Abused as Boys by Amish-Mennonite Aid Worker

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    CABARET — At least four more young men have come forward as victims of a U.S.-based aid worker who is believed to have abused dozens of boys in Haiti, and two top officials of the Amish-Mennonite Christian Aid Ministries (CAM) who had allowed the worker to return to the field despite his confession of child molestation have issued an apology.

    The number of boys now who have now come forward stands at eight and a ninth is currently pending. Four new charges of rape have been filed in Cabaret Judicial Court against now former CAM employee Jeriah Mast, which will be pursued on a civil level for monetary reparations. CAM will also be included in the civil claims.

    A fifth charge may additionally be filed, but the young man is no longer living in Haiti as the societal mistreatment from the scourge of being abused forced him to have to make a life for himself elsewhere.

    A source who has been in contact with a sheriff’s office in Ohio told Christian News Network that he believes federal officials are pursuing criminal charges against Mast in the states to hold him accountable for his crimes in Haiti.

    A hearing was recently held in Petit Goave over the new victims who have come forward, and the young men were all interviewed by a professional psychologist.

    Rick Ashley, who leads an organization called Haiti First Responders, has been on the ground and provided Christian News Network with updates on the

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