Mother calls UK pro-life sidewalk witnesses ‘people sent from heaven’

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    LONDON, England, November 8, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — Anna’s baby is alive today because of the Good Counsel Network’s presence in Ealing.

    The Good Counsel Network has been under attack for the past 19 months from pro-abortion group Sister Supporter and MP Rupa Huq. Sister Supporter and Huq accuse the pro-life witnesses of harassing women outside the Marie Stopes (Ealing) clinic. However, women who wanted an alternative to abortion and thought they had no choice but to abort tell another story.

    In the video, “Anna,” a foreign student, describes how she was frightened when she found out that she was pregnant. She felt under pressure to abort. Everyone she talked to about the pregnancy told her that aborting the baby would be the best decision for her. She told her GP that she would keep the baby, but she wasn’t sure how she could afford it. In despair, she found the Marie Stopes clinic on Google. But someone was waiting for her when she got there.

    “The lady walked towards me and said, ‘Are you going for the abortion? I can help you if you don’t want to do it.’ And I said ‘What? You can help me?’

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