Mother Facing Murder Charge After Killing Newborn, Boyfriend Charged for Disposing of Son in Dumpster

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    ASBURY PARK, N.J. — A New Jersey mother is facing a first-degree murder charge and her boyfriend a desecration of human remains charge after the woman allegedly killed the baby upon birth and then later decided with her boyfriend to dispose of the baby in a dumpster.

    According to reports, Jada McLain, 18, hid her pregnancy from her parents for months. A friend who turned McLain into police last week said that McLain had attempted a self-abortion by drinking, smoking marijuana and taking pills, but her efforts were unsuccessful. She considered going to an abortionist, but thought parental notification was required and didn’t want her mother to find out.

    McClain and her boyfriend, Quaimere Mohammed, 19, consequently discussed what they would do after the baby was born, with an option being to kill the child.

    In the early morning hours of March 29, McLain gave birth in the bathroom, and then laid the baby boy, who was alive and crying, upon her bed. She allegedly pushed down on her son’s chest until he turned blue and died. McLain named the child Legend, and sent her friend photographs of the newborn from her bedroom.

    According to, McLain wrapped her deceased son in a blanket and drove to her boyfriend’s house. The two went to the beach to talk the matter over, and then returned to Mohammed’s house.

    After crying and talking for approximately two hours, they decided to place the baby in a bag and dispose of him

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