Mothers Sharing Success Stories of Children They Refused to Abort to Give Hope, Encouragement in Light of NY Abortion Law

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    A number of mothers nationwide have shared their personal stories of refusing doctor recommendations to abort, giving others hope and encouragement in the midst of much talk about the abortion “rights” bill signed into law in New York on the 46th year of Roe v. Wade.

    “This is a story worth telling. This is a life that I could have thrown away. This is the baby who I could have murdered,” writes Kristi Lee Bensinger Maurer, sharing a photo of her daughter, Emma, now 24.

    Emma was diagnosed with hydrocephalus at 28 weeks gestation. Maurer gave her child a chance at life, and says that even “before she was born, I knew she was going to have a story to tell.”

    “This young lady excelled in school earning honors and scholarships. This young lady has traveled internationally, played sports and the piano, has sung at Carnegie Hall, was in choirs and musicals and bands, and oh so much more,” Maurer joyed. “This beautiful young lady has chosen a life of service and missions.”

    “This gorgeous human being, my beautiful daughter, wouldn’t be here today if I had chosen to abort her 24 years ago, when the diagnosis, that seemingly daunting life sentence, was cast upon her,” she shared. “Can you see what I would have thrown away?”

    Sarah Wickline Hull remembers how she was counseled to have an abortion while fighting an aggressive cancer.

    “People are talking about the medical necessity of abortion to

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