Nearly Half of Millennial Christians Believe Evangelism is Wrong, New Survey Finds

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    Nearly Half of Millennial Christians Believe Evangelism is Wrong, New Survey Finds

    Nearly half of millennial Christians say that evangelism is wrong, a new study shows.

    According to Christianity Today, the Barna Group released new findings last week which show that 47 percent of millennial Christians believe it is inappropriate to share their Christian faith with people of a different religion in hopes that they will eventually convert to Christianity.

    Despite this, Christianity Today reports that the Barna results found that Millennials still believe they are “good evangelists and still see themselves as representatives for their faith.

    According to Christianity Today, a previous study showed that born-again millennials were becoming more evangelistic while other generations’ evangelical habits were declining. The survey also found that born-again millennials were the age group most likely to share their faith. According to the new Barna survey, however, that number is on the decline.

    The survey also found that millennial Christians are on par with Generation X, the Baby Boomers and elders in their belief that being a witness about Jesus is a part of the Christian faith. 96 percent of millennial Christians said that they agreed with this statement while 97 percent of Gen Xers agreed and 95 percent of Baby Boomers and elders agreed.

    Gen Xers, Baby Boomers and elders each outscored millennial Christians by three percent with only 94 percent of millennial Christians believing that “the best thing that could ever happen to someone is

    The remainder of this article is available in its entirety at Christian Headline

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    It’s readily apparent that these millennial “Christians” really are NOT children of God; they apparently have not tasted of the love of God, His grace,… Read more »

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