As Netflix Goes Global, Can It Avoid Regional Politics?

    Updated: April 16, 2018 at 2:35 pm EST  See Comments

    Netflix has long since gone global.

    The majority of the Netflix subscribers are already outside the United States and that global gap is only going to get bigger.

    Netflix will publish its fourth-quarter results after the market close April 16, but management has already said it anticipates a net gain of 4.9 million subscribers outside the U.S., against a net increase of 1.45 million subscribers stateside, or year-over-year growth, respectively, of 41 percent internationally, compared with 11 percent domestically.

    But as Netflix gets bigger — and more international — the company is running up against a challenge more threatening than Facebook or Amazon Prime: local politics.

    Netflix is under fire, around the world, not for its disruptive business model, but for the political content of its programming.

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