New Mexico sheriff: My deputies won’t be part of Beto’s anti-gun ‘Gestapo’

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    Sheriff Mark Cage of Eddy County, New Mexico, said that his deputies would not be part of Beto O’Rourke’s anti-gun, “personal Gestapo,” rounding up guns belonging to law-abiding Americans, Breitbart’s AWR Hawkins reported on Sunday.

    O’Rourke, the dirt-eatingAmerica-hatingwannabe tyrant who said he would make gun owners sell their weapons to the government, has said those who do not obey his edict to hand over certain guns would receive a visit from law enforcement.

    But Cage isn’t going along with that idea.

    Hawkins noted:

    Sheriff Mark Gage is not in line with O’Rourke’s plan. In fact, Townhall quoted Cage saying, “I’m not sure whether his statements are naive or just plain ignorant and arrogant. Maybe it’s all three.”

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    Cage continued, “The thought of anyone utilizing my sheriff’s office or any other law enforcement agency in this country as their personal Gestapo to go door to door violating citizen’s rights is disgusting, unrealistic and downright un-American.”

    And, Hawkins said, Cage “believes ‘bloodshed’ will the be unavoidable outcome of O’Rourke’s plans, should they ever be put in place.”

    “Some of my constituents are already adopting the mantra of ‘Come take mine Beto!’…His rhetoric

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