New Rules Will Limit How Many Immigrants Are Eligible for Green Cards

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    New Rules Will Limit How Many Immigrants Are Eligible for Green Cards

    The Trump Administration announced a new rule that would make it more difficult for immigrants who have received public assistance to get green cards. 

    According to ABC News, while policies have long been in place to evaluate whether or not an immigrant would become a “public charge,” the new changes would widen the range of disqualifying programs.

    Beginning in October, immigrants will be denied permanent legal status if they have low income, little education, or have received a range of benefits that make authorities believe they will need benefits in the near future. The rule says that someone will likely be a “public charge” if they receive benefits for more than 12 out of 36 months. Each benefit that is used counts as a month and the range of benefits that count has been broadened.

    Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II, acting director of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, announced the new rules at the White House, saying, “The benefit to taxpayers is a long-term benefit to ensure that our immigration system is bringing people to join us as American citizens, as legal permanent residents first, who can stand on their own two feet, who will not be reliant on the welfare system, especially in the age of the modern welfare state which is so expansive and expensive.” He also tied the new rule to the American dream. He said, “We want

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