NJ Gov Murphy Signs EO Prohibiting Insurance for Legal Gun Owners

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    NJ Gov Murphy signed an Executive Order that prohibits any company from “encouraging the use of a firearm” by insuring legal gun owners.  They falsely believe that it’s “murder insurance” and promotes gun violence.

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    Press release Sept 10: “Governor Phil Murphy today signed Executive Order No. 83, directing the New Jersey Department of Treasury, the Division of Purchase and Property, and the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance to promote responsible gun safety practices for gun vendors and financial institutions providing services to the state, and take action against insurance policies that encourage firearm use. This executive order complements comprehensive, commonsense gun safety legislation signed by Governor Murphy, making New Jersey a leader in instituting the strongest gun safety measures in the nation.”

    Notice the wording of the start of the NJ Gov Murphy press release. It says “encourage firearms use,” not improper firearms use. In NO WAY is this EO a “gun safety” measure. Later on in the order, the phrase “improper gun use” is stated. But no insurance company in any state or forum promotes the “improper use of firearms.”

    This is a flagrant violation of the commerce clause of the constitution. New Jersey is attempting to

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