NJ Mayor Stands Against Homosexual, Transgender Curriculum in Schools as ‘an Affront to Almighty God’

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    BARNEGAT TOWNSHIP, N.J. — A mayor in New Jersey took a stand on Tuesday against a new state law that requires public school curriculum in the state to include information on the contributions of homosexuals and transgenders in American history.

    According to the Asbury Press, during the regular meeting for Barnegat Township, Mayor Alfonso Cirulli forthrightly stated that homosexual activism is “an affront to Almighty God” and that it is his duty to protect the people.

    Cirulli, a former assistant principal, was referring to a bill that Gov. Phil Murray signed into law in January that requires social studies curriculum for middle and high school students to include teaching on the “political, economic, and social contributions of persons with disabilities and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.”

    S. 1659 will take effect for the 2020 school year, and it will be up to each board of education to “have policies and procedures in place pertaining to the selection of instructional materials to implement the requirements.”

    Cirulli believes the new law indoctrinates children and infringes on the religious rights of parents. He is also concerned about how teaching could confuse youth and thrust them into an unnecessary “identity crisis.”

    “They could go to the extremes with this, like bringing in a drag queen to kindergartners,” he stated, according to the Washington Post. “They’re just forcing an issue on kids, where I don’t think the state has any interest sticking their nose.”

    “Everyone has the right to live

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