North Carolina governor attends LGBT gala hosted by registered sex offender

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    NORTH CAROLINA, January 3, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – North Carolina Democrat Governor Roy Cooper attended a fundraiser hosted by a transgender rights activist who is a registered sex offender last month.

    As Charlotte LGBT Chamber of Commerce (CLGBTCC) president, Chad Sevearance-Turner led the campaign for transgender bathroom usage in North Carolina enabling biological men to occupy private spaces once used exclusively by women and girls.

    The ensuing battle over the legislative measure – known as HB2 – took the national spotlight as major corporations, celebrities, and even sports leagues weighed in on the issue.

    In 2016, when it was revealed that Turner had been been convicted of sexually abusing boys and sentenced to 10 years in prison, he stepped down from his role as president, but was quietly reinstated months later. 

    Cooper and CLGBTCC are longtime allies. While still serving as North Carolina’s attorney general, Cooper refused to defend HB2. He called the law to prevent predatory men from legally invading female locker rooms and restrooms a “national embarrassment.”

    In an official group photo taken at the CLGBTCC’s recent holiday gala, the governor is shown standing shoulder to shoulder with the registered sex offender.

    A report published by Women are Human states:

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