Note to Beto: Your mass gun confiscation was tried in 2005 — Video proof authorities can’t be trusted

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    Constitution be damned!

    Fascist/Leftist gun-grabber and contender for Democrat presidential nomination, Beto O’Rourke, wants armed police to kick doors down to enforce his national gun confiscation laws against law-abiding citizens.    He would begin with “weapons of war,” but we all know it wouldn’t end there.

    Sounds like just more liberal campaign hyperbole—but is it?

    It has happened before in our nation, just a bit over a decade ago. You may remember it as the Hurricane Katrina gun confiscation operation where law enforcement officers from the city of New Orleans, Parish Sheriff’s Department, State of Louisiana police, US Coast Guard, National Guard troops, US Marshals, and cops from as far away as California swarmed in and illegally disarmed and detained citizens . Take a few minutes and listen to Americans tell their story of police abuse of authority, gun confiscation and violence. WARNING: this  and this will also really piss you off!

    [embedded content]

    The NRA and Gun Owners of America stepped in

    Lawsuits followed the confiscation of over 700 weapons by the police, but most never recovered their property because authorities demanded receipts or documents proving ownership. Obviously most of that was lost during flooding.  Though requested by gun owners, officers refused to provide receipts

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