NYC Plans to Close Rikers Island to “End Mass Incarceration”

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    The NYC Council voted to close Rikers Island for good by 2026, and finance several smaller jails in various boroughs instead. To the tune of over $8 Billion. And they’re doing it to stop “mass incarceration.” (Fox5NY) The prison complex houses 7,000 inmates, and the city plans to cut that in half by 2026 and shunt the 3K or so leftovers off to the smaller jails.

    Screenshot…wait a minute, isn’t that gesture…never mind.

    Today we made history. The era of mass incarceration is ending in New York City.

    It’s a moment where a cycle is broken — where we said no to mass incarceration and yes to redemption.

    — Mayor Bill de Blasio (@NYCMayor) October 18, 2019

    Rikers Island will close. Period.

    We are ending the cycle of incarceration that ruined so many lives, and we’re investing in communities to improve so many more.

    This city believes in redemption.

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    — NYC Mayor’s Office (@NYCMayorsOffice) October 17, 2019

    And what will they do with the old facility? Good question. And what about the people in those neighborhoods that will have the smaller jails – are they

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