Obama Advisor: Democratic Candidates ‘Out of Step’ with Americans on Abortion

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    Obama Advisor: Democratic Candidates ‘Out of Step’ with Americans on Abortion

    A former advisor to President Obama says the Democratic presidential candidates are “out of step” with Americans and even Democratic voters on abortion and must moderate their views if they are to defeat President Trump.

    “President Trump’s best chance for re-election lies in getting Democrats to approach complicated, tender issues with a tone-deaf, incoherent stridency that approaches his own. Unfortunately, he may be well on his way to doing just that,” Michael Wear, an advisor to Obama and a part of Obama’s faith-based initiative, wrote in The New York Times. 

    Wear’s column was titled, “Democrats Shouldn’t Be So Certain About Abortion.” 

    During the first Democratic presidential debate, he noted, Sen. Elizabeth Warren was unable to think of any abortion restriction she supported. Wear also bemoaned the party’s ridiculing of Joe Biden for his previous support of the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits most taxpayer funding of abortion.

    “And yet a Politico/Morning Consult poll from June showed that slightly more Democratic women support the Hyde Amendment (at 41 percent) than oppose it (at 39 percent),” Wear wrote. “Overall, 49 percent of registered voters support Hyde, compared with 32 percent who oppose it. It is not so much that Mr. Biden was out of step with the Democratic electorate, but that the 2020 Democratic candidates are out of step with American voters, even Democratic voters, on the issue of abortion.”

    Wear, who worked on both Obama presidential

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