Obama, Hillary BOTH Caught Committing Imprisonable Offenses and NO ONE IN OUR GOVT CARES!!!

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    Will there ever be real justice in this country? If you or I commit a crime, we go to jail.

    If a President or Former First Lady commit a very large crime, they punish their henchmen and act like the boss did not know what his or her trusted underlings were doing.

    Two stories emerged late last week and early this week that would be enough to put you or I in jail for a long, long time. But we don’t carry the surname of Clinton or Obama.

    One week ago, news came out that Barack Obama accepted over 20 million dollars in foreign campaign contributions. Unfortunately, stories that come out on Friday have a way of getting lost.

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    How convenient…

    As I reported earlier this week:

    This news broke Friday of last week, but, as is par for the course, it just wasn’t big enough news to make most of your trusted news sources. Want proof? Do a Google search. You will find a few of those “red” Newsguard sites covered the story if you dig deep enough in the search results, but

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