Ocasio-Cortez thinks VA isn’t broken, gives vets top-notch care — Seriously?

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    Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., claimed during a recent town hall event that the Department of Veterans Affairs “isn’t broken” and is actually providing “some of the highest quality” care to veterans, Fox News reported.

    Ocasio-Cortez’s idiotic comments are part of an increasing ideological shift among Democrats, especially the young Democratic millennials, in pushing single-payer forms of government-run health care for the population at large.

    As Adam Shaw of Fox News stated, “Ocasio-Cortez comments are likely to raise the ire of proponents advocating VA reform. The department was plagued by scandal during the Obama administration — including secret wait lists, systemic neglect and veterans dying while waiting to see a doctor.”

    Did Ocasio-Cortez even read about the VA scandal in 2014, when the VA admitted — again, after a cover-up — that some 1,700 veterans were waiting an average of 115 days for a doctor’s appointment at the Phoenix VA hospital, and 40 veterans died while doing so?

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    Or the gross mismanagement of a gastroenterology program in South Carolina, and a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak in Pittsburgh that

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