Ohio Bill Would Ban All Abortions, Declare Unborn Babies as Human Beings Under Law

    Updated: April 27, 2018 at 9:54 am EST  See Comments

    New legislature in Ohio seeks to ban all abortions and label all unborn babies as human beings under the law.

    The bill, House Bill 565, is being sponsored by State Reps. Ron Hood and Nino Vitale, and would prohibit all abortions in the State of Ohio.

    “The goal of this bill is to first of all continue to get the word out that life does begin at conception and move the debate in that direction, and to protect unborn Ohioans from being aborted,” Hood said, according to The Hill.

    “We make it very clear in the state of Ohio we consider the unborn child a person just like you, me or any other person that has a right to life,” he continued.

    Abortion activists with NARAL came against the legislation, stating that the bill is unconstitutional. The Hill reported that the bill does not include exceptions to save the life of the mother and the bill would make abortions a punishable offense.

    “Anti-choice extremists from the Ohio Statehouse to the White House are lining up their dominoes to topple Roe v. Wade and punish those who seek or provide abortion care,” said Kellie Copeland, NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio executive director, in a statement.

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