Oklahoma Baby Surrendered Through Safe Haven Law Now Thriving as Toddler With Forever Family

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    TULSA, Okla. — Surrendered at an urgent care clinic by his homeless mother, an Oklahoma toddler once referred to as “Baby Boy Unknown” is now thriving with his forever family, which credits the Lord for bringing the child into their life at just the right time.

    The Epoch Times recently shared the story of Todd and Amy (last name not provided), a couple that had moved from Pennsylvania to Oklahoma in 2015, and not long after, received a call from the foster and adoption agency they had been working with that they needed to come to the office.

    Todd and Amy had signed up to become foster parents, and they had just found out that day that they had been approved.

    The call came just before Thanksgiving, and the family was busy getting ready to leave for a trip to the lake.

    As Amy headed out the door to pick up what she thought was paperwork, her husband mentioned to her that he had seen a story in the news about a newborn who had been handed over to a nurse by his mother, who said she was homeless and could not care for him.

    “That is the saddest thing ever. Do you think that is our baby?” Amy recalled remarking, as outlined in a post she wrote for Love What Matters.

    “I doubt it. He’s probably pretty sick,” Todd replied.

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