Oklahoma City School District Invites Students to Walk Alongside School Bus in Pride Parade

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    OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — For the third year in a row, Oklahoma City Public Schools plans to participate in the upcoming homosexual and transgender pride parade, and is inviting students and their parents to walk along the school bus that will be a part of the procession.

    “You can walk with #OKCPS in the 2019 Oklahoma City Pride Parade! We invite our staff, students, families, and friends to walk alongside our school bus on June 22!” it posted to social media on June 6, generating hundreds of comments, most expressing outrage that taxpayer funds are being used for the event, and that the district can endorse homosexuality but not Christianity.

    The parade is scheduled for Saturday at noon on 39th Street. See the participant form here.

    “I cannot believe that the state’s largest school district would condone this activity, much less invite our kids to participate,” one commenter wrote.

    “[The school district] can support the LGBTQ community but not Christianity? Yeah, seems legit,” another remarked.

    “I’d like to request a public-owned school bus for hauling kids to our church for VBS. Exactly the same as using one for a pride parade,” a third jabbed.

    “I am 71 years old and I never believed my tax money would go to furnish gas and buses to take children that didn’t belong to them to a celebration of something that God considers an abomination unto Him,” another lamented. “You people that are doing this or allowing this need to

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