Pam Tebow Discusses the Impact Sharing the Power of God Has on Our Families, Communities

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    Pam Tebow Discusses the Impact Sharing the Power of God Has on Our Families, Communities

    There are some people that resonate beauty and grace with a simple, “hello”.  Pam Tebow, the mother of Tim Tebow, is one of those people. It is clear in Pam’s tone and manner that she loves both Jesus and her family. 

    In her new book titled Ripple Effects: Discover the Miraculous Motivating Power of a Woman’s Influence, Pam highlights the important roles mothers and women play in influencing their families and their communities.

    The book is centered around Pam’s belief that everyone can be a positive influence, as long as they make the conscious choice to follow God every day. It also notes that the desire to be a positive influence on their kids and in their communities is deep within a woman’s heart.

    “I always had a heart to write a book, but I wanted the Lord to orchestrate when I was ready and not myself,” Pam told Christian Headlines. “Being an author was a direct answer to my prayers,” she added.

    The mother of five always knew that God was going to use her children’s lives, so she sought out the power of God to help her impact her children and their community in a positive way. 

    In 1985, God presented his power to Pam, when he called her, her husband Bob, and their kids to serve in the Philippines as missionaries. 

    “It was during that time

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