Parents Sue School District after Teacher Repeatedly Singles Out 8-Year-Old, Asks If He's Transgender

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    Parents Sue School District after Teacher Repeatedly Singles Out 8-Year-Old, Asks If He’s Transgender

    An Oregon couple is suing their school district after discovering that their son’s teacher was repeatedly asking him if he was transgender. 

    The parents, who have wished to remain anonymous at this time, are suing the district for $1 million after it became apparent that a teacher was keeping their son back at recess “in an effort to promote (him) becoming transgender,” according to the lawsuit.

    Not only was the teacher overly pushy, but they also provided the eight-year-old with a variety of reading materials, videos, and other resources that explained exactly what it means to be a trans person — something the parents deem wildly inappropriate.

    According to the suit, the teacher would not allow the child to attend recess until he had looked through all the material, with the resources being provided by an “unknown non-school employee transgender individual.”

    The parents were not informed about these disturbing interactions and only uncovered the concerning situation when they found the books in their son’s backpack.

    According to the parents, the whole situation stemmed from the fact that their son suffered from stomach problem and was apprehensive to use the restroom. They believe that this caused the teacher to jump to the conclusion that the young man was struggling with his gender identity – an assertion that has troubled him greatly. The parents say their boy is now on anti-anxiety

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