Parks Frazier – Colts Assistant Coach’s Home Riddled with Bullets

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    Colts Assistant Coach Parks Frazier was not at home last Sunday at around 6 p.m. when eight young males in three cars riddled his home with bullets. They also kicked in the backdoor of his home and shot up the inside from there. Even some of the neighbors had bullets in their houses. No one was injured, but it would give anyone pause to wonder what was going on… and make you nervous about going home.

    According to police, 77 shell casings were found after the incident. Bullet fragments of various calibers brought the total to over 80 rounds fired. Neighbors said they heard the gunshots and saw cars speeding away from his residence. The vehicles were reportedly occupied by eight young males. Police have so far not developed any suspects or motive for the shootings, at least that they are publicly announcing.

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    The IndyStar reported:

    According to the police report, a few neighbors’ homes were also hit during the shooting. Police recovered shell casings and bullet fragments on Sunday, and went back on Monday to recover more.

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