‘Passion of the Christ’ Actor Jim Caviezel Says Mary ‘Guided’ His Career, Film Depicts Her as ‘Co-Redemptrix’

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    AMSTERDAM — “The Passion of the Christ” actor Jim Caviezel, a Roman Catholic, recently delivered a tribute to Mary at the “Eucharistic Holy Hour for World Peace Through the Mother of All Peoples” in Amsterdam, during which he outlined how the popular Mel Gibson film — which was embraced by evangelicals and Catholics alike — “depict[s] our lady’s role as co-redemptrix with Jesus.”

    “Her hand has guided my life and my career in incredible, and at times, startling ways,” he told those gathered at the RAI Convention Center on June 1 as an introduction to stories about his roles in the films “The Thin Red Line,” “The Count of Monte Cristo,” and “The Passion of the Christ.”

    Caviezel said that in 1997, as he as sat outside of Beverly Hills producer Terrence Malick’s house, struggling with self-doubt as he was to meet with Malick about the possibility of starring in “The Thin Red Line,” he began to pray the rosary.

    “You see, six months earlier, my manager who is a bit like a Catholic mystic, said that I should start praying the rosary on a daily basis,” he outlined. “My wife, Kerri, taught me how to pray it. So, following orders, I borrowed her grandmother’s rosary … and I started running [the beads] through my fingers and praying.”

    As Caviezel was late for his meeting due to his nervousness and subsequent recitations, he hurried to the house, but realized he still had the rosary in his hand.

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