Pastor Found after Missing in the Woods for Several Days, Church Rejoices

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    Pastor Found after Missing in the Woods for Several Days, Church Rejoices

    Rev. Sid Burgess, a retired pastor of a 250-member church in Alabama, was found alive after missing for three days. The 70-year-old reverend went on a day hike on Saturday but wasn’t heard from again for three days. 

    “Please pray for my nephew, Rev Sid Burgess, who went on a day hike in Ala on Saturday and has not been heard from since. An intense search is still underway for him,” Kay Burgess, Sid’s aunt, posted to Facebook, according to the Christian Post.

    Burgess’ car was found at the Randolph Trailhead on Sunday. However, there was no cell service, so authorities were unable to track him. They continued the search over the weekend. 

    Church members were understandably concerned. “As you can imagine we were all in shock, devastated, heartbroken, scared, anxious,” Edgewood Presbyterian Church member Julie Metheny told “There was a very poignant prayer at the end of our service on Sunday.”

    Monday’s search was also unsuccessful because of bad weather. However, Burgess’ family didn’t give up hope. On Tuesday, his daughter was optimistic. 

    “We are ever faithful that today is the day Dad will be rescued. Service dogs headed into the forest first thing this morning. Several groups of rescuers followed. Horses are hitting the trail now. Drones are in the air. Today’s search has seemed extremely well organized and rescuers are optimistic,” she wrote.

    Only a few hours later, her

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