Pastor Léonce Crump Weighs in on the Issue of Slave Reparations

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    Pastor Léonce Crump Weighs in on the Issue of Slave Reparations

    Léonce Crump, Pastor of Renovation Church in Atlanta, is a busy man. Amid juggling personal and pastoral life, he offers undivided time and attention to address the issues of race in America. From his leadership position in his multiethnic church, Crump communicates with compassion and brutal honesty and isn’t afraid to tackle one issue that is particularly pressing and is dividing our country and the American church—slave reparations.

    Crump, a black man whose wife is white, believes that for anyone to tackle the issues of race and slave reparations they must love and desire the different cultures around them. As he states, “I’m 100% sure that we can’t see all of God with our own cultural lenses.”

    Crump believes that if we’re going to properly address the issue of slave reparations we need to begin with prayer and scripture. When asked if scripture gives context to slave reparations, Crump provided two examples.  

    According to Crump, “We find it in the Old Testament and the New Testament.” One Old Testament story that Crump notes as an example is that of Ruth, Boaz and the year of Jubilee—the celebration of release and liberty. Some Theologians believe that during this celebration, slaves were set free and given reparations for property that had previously been taken from them (Leviticus 25:15-32). And from the New Testament, he offers the story of Zacchaeus which tells of how

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