Pastor of Vandalized Church Says He Forgives Vandals, Offers Them Help: 'There Is Help for You'

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    Pastor of Vandalized Church Says He Forgives Vandals, Offers Them Help: ‘There Is Help for You’

    The pastor of a church in Memphis, Tenn. says he forgives the vandals who destroyed pews and musical instruments, cut off the power in the church, and painted the walls of the building.

    “I would love for whoever is responsible to consider my heart when I say, ‘I love you and God still loves you. And that this is not the end, there is life after this,” Pastor Devante Hill of One Church told WMC. “And that whatever it is that has you broken, whatever it is that has you destroyed on the inside, there is help for you.”

    Police are investigating and say that there is some $15,000 to $20,000 in damage to the church property. Hill says he estimates the damage at up to $50,000, Fox News reports.

    “A lot of the money that it took to start the church, came out of my personal finances,” Hill said.

    Hill found the church vandalized Sunday morning. He said the vandals destroyed property inside the church and stole money and speakers from the church.

    “When I walked in… what broke me, was not the condition of the sanctuary, what broke me was the condition of someone’s heart to be willing to do such a thing,” the pastor said, according to WREG News.

    Hill’s church launched only five months ago.

    “To my surprise that I would find not only myself but

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