Peer with rare disability defends right to life of disabled unborn in Northern Ireland

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    LONDON, England, July 17, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – In one of the most privileged chambers in the world, a disabled peer spoke up for the right to life of the most vulnerable. 

    On Monday Kevin Shinkwin, 48, who was awarded a life peerage in 2015 and took the title Baron Shinkwin, stood up in the House of Lords and argued that a liberal abortion law should not be forced on Northern Ireland. 

    Shinkwin said that he supports an amendment introduced by Baroness O’Loan, a Northern Irish life peer who says the proposed law is “not workable” and should not be imposed on her country without its consideration by its Assembly. This is not only because the amendment shows respect for Northern Ireland’s devolution (partial home-rule) and people, but because the current abortion law protects disabled people. 

    “I do not take a position on abortion per se,” Shinkwin said. “I do, however, take a position on disability equality. What is proposed in the Bill drives a coach and horses through disability equality.”

    Shinkwin, who has “brittle bone disease,” wondered aloud if anyone in government had considered the message changing Northern Ireland’s abortion law would send to the parents and families of disabled

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